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Reviewing the legalised shooting of vulnerable grey-headed flying foxes has been put on the NSW state government’s agenda.


There has been a 45% increase in the number of Australians achieving their LDL target.


2/3 of schizophrenia treating physicians now believe that Australian patients prefer wafers to tablets.


100% of Australian HIV treating physicians believe a digital sales tool facilitates a more engaging discussion.


The number of Australian Pharmacists that agree ibuprofen is as tolerable as paracetamol at OTC doses has doubled.


Pharmacies in an Australian S3 pain medication programme have seen a 22% improvement in their S3 business.


Australian Pharmacy Assistants have completed 21,000+ educational modules on pain management.


Australian HCPs have engaged in 1,800+ hours of webinar-based diabetes education.


2,600+ Australian HCPs now have a better understanding of best practice diabetes care.


3 million Australians now regularly think about their lung health.


The world’s largest remaining red gum forests have been given national park status.


2/3 Australian pharmacy assistants now actively engage in online education.


The role of hormone therapy in treating Asian prostate cancer patients has been agreed by 153 urologists at an APAC Summit.


200 GI specialists have collaborated at an APAC Masterclass to solve the unmet needs of patients with acid-related disease.



Customer Experience and Healthcare

by Rob Mortimer, 27 July 2017

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