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Customer Experience and Healthcare

by Rob Mortimer, 27 July 2017

Marketers across the world are shifting rapidly and significantly towards understanding and improving customer experience. In new research by Salesforce, the majority of Australian marketers agree that a consistent customer journey across all touchpoints and channels positively impacts both customer engagement (68%) and revenue growth (67%).   Perhaps more importantly, 86% of high performing global marketers believe that marketing is increasingly competing on the basis of customer experience, something that we at Ward6 entirely agree with. Over the last decade, the changing landscape of digital and social has driven a sense that a poor customer experience is no longer acceptable, no matter how great the product and brand. A seamless (or relatively seamless) journey has become imperative, with customers expecting opportunities to access support and communicate their impressions at every step along the way.   Although customer journeys involved in healthcare and pharmaceutical products can be very different from those in a traditional brand marketing context, it is just as important to to consider their significance. A breakdown in a healthcare customer journey has the potential to result in serious consequences, including negative health outcomes for patients.

Whether through a pharmacist, a GP, or a specialist, the unique customer journeys for healthcare products can also be incredibly complex, requiring considerable amounts of accurate information, reliable and trustworthy communication (E.g. for adverse event reporting), and adherence to strict guidelines.

These complexities mean that regardless of their importance, healthcare customer journeys are not always as smooth as they should be, which can have significant impacts for clients. For example, the first rule for doctors is to ‘do no harm’, but if their journey, or that of a patient, is negative, they could not only stop prescribing a drug, but they could share their negative experience with other healthcare professionals.   That is why at Ward6 we strive to produce ideas that can fit seamlessly across all areas of the customer journey, and why we have invested in the skills and expertise to help our clients in all areas of customer experience. From digital user experiences, ecosystem design, service design, customer profiling and conversion strategies; through to more typical communications areas such as content strategies, channel thinking and social media handling.


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