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Day 3 in Cannes

by Hugh Fitzhardinge, 13 June 2014

My dream of a twilight swim in the Mediterranean was once again thwarted when we were held captive in the judging room until after 9.30pm. But all was not lost.

En route to The Hotel Martinez, in an effort to placate the tired and weary souls beside me, I gave into temptation and sampled the beverage selection at the bar over the road. The judges all perked up; apart from one who’d disappeared. A Brazilian with some lame excuse about a sporting event about to kick off in his home country.

There’s a real buzz on the street as Lions Health gears up for the two day education festival and I meet colleagues from previous working lives who are here to attend the seminars and network. The expectation is that one day there will be thousands of clients here - but that will take time.

Back in the judging room, after seeing over 600 entries (many films and case study videos), we feel we have an impressive mix of work on our short list. And there are some real standouts. You know these ones because when they are shown the tired judges come to life and the discussion becomes passionate and focused.

The next time we meet we’ll be pruning the short list. And that will determine the winners of the first ever Cannes Lions Health. The debate will be heated but it’s what we’ve come for. This is our World Cup.

— Hugh Fitzhardinge, Creative Director at Ward6


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