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Ward6 Asks People to Check In

by Ward6, 28 February 2014

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This Sunday, the Lung Foundation Australia and Ward6 launch an integrated awareness campaign, to encourage people to pay more attention to the health of their lungs.

The message of ‘Check in with your lungs’ kicks off nationally with TV, print, posters, interactive bus shelters, online, social media and public activities.

The campaign has been developed to drive people to the Lung Foundation website, where they can complete a simple lung health checklist. The interactive digital bus shelters also prompt commuters to complete the checklist while waiting for a bus.

Lung Foundation Australia’s Director, Marketing and Health Strategy, Heather Allan, said this was the first step towards making sure Australians recognise the importance of being in tune with their lungs.

“At least one in ten Australians has some form of lung disease. However, Lung Foundation Australia estimates the number to be significantly higher.”

Most Australians believe they have no lung health issues and very few actually give lung health much thought. By urging Australians to ‘check in’ with their lungs, the campaign is taking a light -hearted approach to a serious issue. In order to grow community awareness, the Foundation will invite people to become ‘lung health’ ambassadors in their local communities, to help spread the news about lung health and its importance for everyone.

Ward6 CEO Stuart Black says, “Most Australians are well aware of the importance of early detection tests such as those for prostate and breast cancer. Lungs, however, are often sadly overlooked. We’re proud to be putting this on the national agenda.”

  • Agency: Ward6
  • Creative Director: Hugh Fitzhardinge
  • Creative Director: Grant Foster
  • Digital Business Manager: Jason Armstrong
  • Art Director: Richard Price
  • Senior Copywriter: Steve Samuel
  • Strategic Planner: Greg Wood
  • Account Director: Kim Stamiris
  • Director: Simon Frost
  • DOP: Ben Shirley ACS
  • Client: Lung Foundation Australia


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