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Ward6 launches national campaign for Alzheimer's Australia

by Ward6, 01 September 2014

Ward6 will launch a new national television campaign on Sunday September 7th, for Alzheimer’s Australia. The campaign will run throughout September and is intended to drive calls to the National Dementia Helpline.

Ward6 CEO Stuart Black says,

“Calling the Helpline is a critical first step towards diagnosis and making a positive difference to life with dementia. It arms people with the knowledge required to more accurately identify the signs of the disease in themselves or their loved ones. Many Australians don’t recognise the difference between forgetfulness and dementia. We aim to change that.”

Andrew Mills, General Manager, Marketing and Communications says,

“Alzheimer’s Australia wants all Australians to look for and recognise the signs of dementia early, particularly loved ones and family. The condition is widespread and touches so many lives, but it is not a normal part of ageing. We’re delighted with the campaign and think that Ward6’s simple, creative approach will help change lives for the better.”

Ward6 Creative Director Hugh Fitzhardinge says,

“Dementia is an incredibly complex area. There are plenty of misconceptions about it and a lack of understanding. We have come up with what we feel is an elegant and simple piece of work that will appeal to all Australians and hopefully pull an emotional chord and actually change people’s behaviour.”

  • Client: Alzheimer’s Australia
  • General Manager, Marketing and Communications, Alzheimer’s
  • Australia NSW: Andrew Mills
  • Agency: Ward6
  • Creative Director: Hugh Fitzhardinge / Grant Foster
  • Writer: Hugh Fitzhardinge
  • Art Director: Jonathan Palasty
  • Head of Planning: David Cousins
  • Account Director: Kim Stamiris
  • Account Co-ordinator: Georgina Fail
  • Agency Producer: Amanda Cain
  • Production Company Producer: Vicky Ryan
  • Director: Sebastien Guy
  • Production: Invisible Artists
  • DOP: James L. Brown
  • Sound Design: Rumble Studios
  • Composer: John Michael Green


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