Alzheimer’s Australia

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Dementia is the third leading cause of death in Australia. However, Australians with dementia wait an average of three years before diagnosis. The condition is widespread and touches many, but it shouldn’t be accepted as a normal part of ageing. To improve outcomes, it’s vital symptoms are recognised early.

The Challenge

Alzheimer’s Australia wanted all Australians to look for and recognise the signs of dementia, early. From GPs who play a crucial role in diagnosis; to Pharmacists who engage with customers at high risk on a daily basis; to older Australians and their family and carers who may not recognise that there’s a difference between signs of ageing and dementia.

We needed to develop an integrated concept that could unite these audiences around the common cause of early symptom detection.

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Our strategy

Recognising changes in the behaviour of a patient, loved one or self is the greatest challenge in early detection.

To aid this we wanted to depict the early signs of dementia that may go unrecognised as a way of driving our audiences to an online information source and/or helpline.

the big idea

Detect Early.

A campaign highlighting the ten early signs of dementia, bringing each to life within an informational series for professionals, alongside a symptom identification TVC for consumers.