Dr LeWinn’s

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The Challenge

One thing an anti-ageing brand cannot afford to do is show its age.

So when a brand goes from market leading ‘Botox® in a jar’ associations to being relegated for “gold sandal, white jean wearing Nannas from the Gold Coast”, you know you’ve got problems.

It wasn’t only brand perceptions that were in decline. If the business stayed on the same trajectory it would lose one quarter of its footprint within a 24-month period.

DrLeWinn’s was in serious need of revival.

Our strategy

The brand couldn’t compete with the spends of its celebrity pumped global competitors.

So instead we captured an attitude. One that was distinct from competitors; that expressed why advocates were so strongly bonded to the brand; and connected with the defiance of potential younger users.

Wrapped up in a simple action-orientated imperative: Defy Ageing.

the big idea

A simple three-word mantra that summed up the reason for the brand’s existence and embodied women’s inner attitude to ageing.

Old Can Wait.