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The Challenge

Natural is ‘on trend’. But when it comes to medicine, few Australians have a problem with synthetic options. In fact, they’re more likely to shy away from natural medicines because they’re sceptical of their effect. That’s not a big surprise when you consider the variability and lack of evidence behind most products.

Flordis natural medicines are different.

By standardising ingredients and production processes they’ve been able to prove that efficacious formulations in clinical research are the very same as what’s in the products patients receive.

In an environment of mistrust, the challenge was to establish that Flordis medicines work.

Our strategy

The average Australian is wary of natural medicines. They think of traditional remedies rather than proven science; faith rather than knowledge.

We confronted this perception by positioning Flordis as a company that has more than an idealistic love of natural ingredients; it has a passion for the power you can harness within them.

When Flordis looks at natural ingredients, they see the science inside.

the big idea

To present the core ingredient in each Flordis product as a complex but knowable chemical element within a promise of ‘medicines grown from science’.