Pernod Ricard is committed to promoting the responsible consumption of alcohol. Through consumer research the Jameson Irish Whiskey brand team became aware of the problem of ‘free-pouring’ spirits when young men mix drinks before going out. This habit easily leads to a greater consumption of alcohol than men realise or plan, which can lead to irresponsible drinking as the night progresses.

The Challenge

Young men (LADS target segment) aren’t the easiest of audiences to engage with anti-social messaging. And, as not all LADS engage in ‘pre-drinking’ behaviour, a focus on ‘pre-drinking’ itself had potential for failure.

We needed to deliver a responsible drinking message in a tone and channel where LADS would accept, listen and act.

Our strategy

We decided to create a series of low budget webisodes for social media featuring Jameson mixes that demonstrated the need to measure 30mL standard shots.

To engage and be shareable, the videos had to reflect the amateur nature of the alcohol related content LADS where already watching. A perfectly designed and resourced video would come across as preachy and off-brand, working against both the CSR and brand objectives.

the big idea

No One Likes a Big Shot.

Six-second Vine videos using comedic rapid-fire movements while featuring precisely poured 30mL Jameson shots.