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The Challenge

While we can’t live without our lungs, one in two Australians admit they rarely or never think about their lung health. That’s because they think only smokers or the elderly are at risk, but we know that’s not the case.

The challenge was to get all Australians to stop and think about the health of their lungs.

Our strategy

We all know a lung disease ad when we see it. A morbid story of the loss that comes when a smoker’s lung cancer takes hold. As effective as some of this communication has been, by now smokers have heard it all before and non-smokers know it’s not for them.

Our strategy was to turn that familiar tone on its head and avoid every anti-smoking norm.


the big idea

Visually depict everyday Australians ‘checking’ their lungs.

We disarmed with gentle humour and simplified the story with an integrated call-to-action.

The idea was simple but intriguing, whilst breaking category norms.