In the category of nicotine replacement therapy, the big three brands throw around the same language at smokers with a call to "quit". The reward is an unrealistic promise of a new life, free of cigarettes. Nicotinell, unable to compete on spend, needed to speak a different language to really connect with smokers.


Our key competition was focused on the aspirational benefits of quitting, which rounds of research told us was less effective, because they weren't real to them. We needed to focus on the "real life" truth that smoking can diminish things you like doing in life and quitting can help get them back.

the big idea

We gave Nicotinell a new way of talking that was fresh and modern. A clear call to action that was unique and disrupted the conversation of quitting. It was one word that was profound in its simplicity and flexible enough to carry the whole campaign across a wide range of media communications:

Big Idea