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The Challenge

Pain is complex. So with the promise of sound information and advice, pharmacies are well positioned to help consumers. But with pharmacy assistant staff turnover as high as 60%, education becomes a burden for pharmacists.

Nurofen took on the challenge to educate pharmacy assistants in pain and help them to understand when to recommend Nurofen products.

Our strategy

With an increasing openness to online training, we saw the opportunity to achieve mass reach and regular return visits through a new online platform. Within this scope, we identified two guiding principles for the creation of our platform: incentive and credibility. We needed to create education that would get pharmacy assistants through our modules and keep them coming back, while earning the respect of pharmacists so they would support our platform.

The Big Idea

We created engaging education through tailored, interactive content, but we knew we needed to do more to earn credibility. So we partnered with the Pharmacy Guild of Australia and the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia to achieve formal accreditation of our education, a first in our industry. Not only did this affirm balance and a genuine contribution to the quality use of medicines, but pharmacy staff were rewarded with QCPP or CPD points for each module completed.