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The Challenge

It’s a universal truth that parents worry about their young children, especially when it comes to their health. Yet, while 4 in 5 Australian parents say they’re concerned about their child’s eating habits, many fail to see it as a health issue. As such, many parents fail to take action when they have fussy eaters.

With low brand awareness, no improvement in ranging and facing a dominant market leader, PediaSure needed to cut through the in-store clutter and change parents’ perceptions.


Our strategy

Parents work hard. The last thing they need is guilt thrown on top of the daily challenges. We needed to communicate that small nutritional deficits can make a big difference to a child’s growth and development, but without a hint of judgement. The answer was to connect PediaSure to the healthy foods children love to hate.


The Big Idea

‘PediaSure can give your children what they’re missing’.

Using some of children’s most hated foods cut straight to parents’ experience and directed them to the PediaSure benefit. The simple visual approach connected parents to a category they wouldn’t normally consider and a solution they didn’t know existed.