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Advance care planning (ACP) is the process of planning your care wishes in the event you lose capacity in the future. It is not triggered in the healthcare or legal system, so responsibility lies with individuals to instigate. Whilst some websites offer information, most lack functionality.

There is reluctance in society to openly discuss dying, making the idea of ACP seem complicated and morbid.

The Challenge

To improve ACP community awareness and uptake.

Whilst the practice of ACP is increasing, there remains a lack of urgency to proactively plan for future incapacity. Apathy is exacerbated by confusing laws and regulations around ACP implementation. Alzheimer’s Australia acknowledged that strong advocacy and the provision of practical planning tools were necessary to ensure people’s wishes no longer went unsaid.

Our strategy

Rather than creating another information source, we sought to improve the awareness and uptake of ACP amongst older Australians by providing practical tools in simple language to empower people to remain in control of their future.

Our aim was to invert the overall unpleasant perception and encourage people to take action by communicating the empowering effect of ‘Keeping your future in your hands’.

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the big idea

Most Australians don’t want to think ahead to a time when they can no longer make decisions. In that scenario, the burden of decisions about future care and finances fall to loved ones. We wanted to ensure that ordinary Australians had a conversation about their wishes while they still could.