UV Triplegard

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The Challenge

Sometimes it’s not what you do but what you don’t do that sets you apart. In the case of the once-iconic sunscreen brand UV Triplegard, declining so fast there was little more to it than a G-string on a bather at the south end of Bondi, the challenge was to turn things around without using the familiar imagery or dominant media so convincingly owned by its larger competitors.

Our strategy

We’ve been told in every form of media out there just what sunscreen is, how and why to use it, and what the category is supposed to mean to us. UV Triplegard had to liberate itself from this functional tell selling.

In doing so it could get to the heart of what sunscreen is really all about:

It facilitates a relationship ‘Between you and the sun’.

the big idea

Make the sun a character, ‘Ray’. A cheeky friend you like spending time with and don’t feel guilty about enjoying. A friend worth talking to.